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Yuzu Citrus Jam | ゆず・ジャム

Yuzu is a citrus fruit (citrus junos) which I, personally did not encounter in western countries but a very common and unique scented fruit often used with  Japanese ‘washoku’ cooking.

It  is also a fruit used for bath aroma today at ‘winter solstice (Dec 22 this year)’.

For it’s unique aroma, the jam has  nice flavor although visually mine turned out like a marmalade – which I should have used white sugar instead of brown if I wanted a crystal clear yellow jam.

Ah..well… will make again.
















Yuzu Jam Recipe


  • Yuzu 100% (Example 1 kg of Yuzu)
  • Crystal or Brown Sugar 20% of weight of Yuzu (200g)

Note : For a crystal clear syrup use granulated sugar instead of brown sugar)


For the Jam

  1. Wash the yuzu and remove any brown skins.
  2. Drop the yuzu in boiling water for approximately 10 minutes, draining the first boiling water and boil for another 10 minutes with clean new water.
  1. Leave the yuzu overnight in the pan.
  2. Next day…. Slice the yuzu into half and remove the seed and scoop the fruit from the outer skin.
  3. Slice the outerskin into 2~3mm slices.
  4. Accurately weigh the yuzu (skin and fruit) to determine the amount of sugar needed.
  5. The degree of sweetness of the jam differs individually. I prefer my jams to be less sweet hence I go for about 20% of sugar to the weight of yuzu. (FYR – Most jams off the supermarket shelf seem to use up to 60-70% of sugar for long preservation purpose). Example : 1 kg of Yuzu = 200g of Sugar
  6. Place the yuzu and sugar over low to medium heat and with a wooden spoon continue to mix from the bottom, avoiding the jam to burn. Remove the white froth (foam) which will continue to ooze out from the yuzu.
  7. Once the jam starts to thicken, pour the jam into a sterilized jar and turn it upside down until cool.
  8. Method of determining the thickness of Jam. A way of determining whether the jam is done or not is – dropping a teaspoon of jam into the cold water. If the jam sinks….it is done.



Yuzu Jam Recipe – ゆずジャム

  • ゆず
  • 砂糖(粗目か三温糖)・・ ・・・ゆずに対して20%



  1. ゆずを丁寧に洗い皮の茶色部分は取り除きます。
  2. 大鍋にお湯を沸かしておき、10分程度茹でます。一度、お湯を取り替え2回10分茹でます
  3. 一晩、大鍋にいれたままさらしておきます。アクが気になる方は黄色くなったお水を取り替えてください。
  4. (次の日)ゆずを半割にして種を取り除きます。果実をスプーンですくい、皮は2~3ミリの厚さにスライスし、全体を正確に計量します。
  5. 砂糖は全体の20%で量っておき、ホウロウの鍋にゆずを入れ鍋を弱火〜中火にかけ木のへらで鍋底をすくうように絶え間なく混ぜていきます。焦げないように注意します。アクが出てくるので、丁寧にすくいます。ほどよく粘りが出てきたら、鍋を火から下ろし、煮沸消毒した瓶に詰めていきます。
  6. 煮終わりの判定方法



My other jam made..KIWI JAM.


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