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Xmas Stollen | クリスマス・シュトーレン

Baking “Christmas Stollen” has become my personal calendar event before Xmas after settling down to my homeland, Japan. However when I lived in Ireland during my young days, ‘Christmas Cake’, a fruit cake heavily packed with fruit and nuts, covered entirely in marzipan to mature until Xmas was the iconic cake for Christmas. Watching the oven for hours and hours in low heat together with steaming ‘Christmas Pudding’ was how I spent my days when Xmas decorations covered the city center of Cork City along River Lee.



Making “Christmas Stollen” is like wrapping packed fruit mixtures in a cocoon-like shape, baked for 60 minutes and eaten before Xmas, a thin slice at a time.

The cocoon-like dough expand slowly during the baking process and soaked in butter immediately after it comes out from the oven.

Powdered in snow (icing sugar) and wrapped to go!

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