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Winter Osouzai (Washoku – Japanese Dishes)

Since my daughter is yet busy mothering her first child born early November, the constant attention night and day is waring her out with sleepless nights. It may take still a few weeks before my daughter is back on her feet again so I’ve made these ready made foods (osouzai) so she does not have to worry about cooking for the time being.

Japanese ‘homemade washoku’ food can vary in diversity but here are some foods which I will post in a couple series and foods that may taste well preserved for a couple of days.




今回のデリバーリーは『和食』のシリーズ。なるべくバランス良く、多種類の食材を使い『和』のデリバーリーです。おばあさんのお惣菜みたいですね(あじゃ〜 笑)。

Four days fermented Brown Rice | 寝かし玄米


Stewed Hijiki  | ひじきの煮つけ


Radish stewed with Mackerel (鯖大根)

Stew the winter radish in rice water until quite very soft (approx. 30minutes at medium heat) Drain the boiling water and  using proportions below with a drained canned mackerel.



Sweet Red Kidney Beans (甘金時豆)

Soak the red kidney beans in water overnight before use. Bring the kidney beans to boil and drain it once to remove the ‘aku (foam)’ and boil the beans under medium to low heat until nice and soft. (approx. 60 minutes) Add 20% (weight of beans ) of sugar and continue stewing for approx. 15~20minutes until the sugar start thicken and the ‘shining’ beans starts to appear.



Breaded Fried Aji (Horse Mackerel) | 鯵フライ

Breaded fillet of Horse Mackerel. A medium to small size Horse Mackerel tastes better than a large size fillet. Make sure to remove the middle bones (spine) with a hair remover or fish bone remover.


Homemade Fried Tofu | 自家製がんもどき

Ingredients : Tofu (1 large), diced carrots, dried hijiki, diced gobo, green beans, ginnan, diced renkon (lotus root), 1 egg, mounting yam (use potato powder or flour as a replacement), salt and pepper

*The vegetable ingredients can vary.

How to make :

  1. Drain the tofu – wrap the tofu in double lined paper towel and place a light weigh on top of the tofu for 1~2 hours to see the water draining out from the tofu.
  2. Chop the vegetable ingredients in to small pieces and add to the tofu mixing it like making a hamburger.
  3. Add the egg, mountain yam (potato powder or flour), salt and pepper.
  4. Shape the tofu mixture into small oval shapes and deep fry the in medium heat.




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