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What's for Xmas? | クリスマスの準備

As December starts to roll it’s way, getting ready for Christmas and New Year Day becomes an enjoyable but-in-reality a deadly pressure of when and what to make, prepare and the shopping list to bring that festive vibe. If one (like me) is ever anxious to do, something ‘NEW’ each year, then the testing process, time consumption doubles up without realizing that 24 hours does not increase just because it’s December. But all the worth for a holiday season which only comes around once each year and to see all the ‘jolly faces’ to be grateful for this warm season.


This year our wreath is a all natural simple composition with Trichosanthes tricuspidata, Eucalyptus flower, etc.

My sudden urge to do something ‘new and different’ lead me to this avenue – ‘making Xmas decorated cookies’. I encountered some lovely YouTubes which boosted my inspiration to see if I can make this lovely cookies, Julia Usher’s cookie lessons.


Baking the cookies were easy enough for me, which was a good start. But my icings on my first run looked like a bloated line, million miles away from what I envisioned.

I was (still am) hoping to practice the delicate icing technique (such as what Julia Usher does) but in honesty….these techniques do not seem to come overnight.

Hanging my Xmas tree embroidery which will suffice as our 2019 Christmas Tree.


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