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Wafer Thin Almond Cookies | 薄焼きアーモンドクッキー

Almonds ! … irresistible food in our house.

My husband just loves it…..

……even our little darling doggie loves it…..

A slight noise from our almond cookie jar, attracts any one of the two; even both.

This is a very simple recipe, a ‘Wafer Thin Almond Cookie’ using very less flour so it’s more for almond lovers than cookie-flour starch lovers. It stays crisp for a considerable amount of time and if you know that almonds are an ‘ANTI-AGING’ food, it becomes quite addictive and the guilty fades instantly to eat one slice per day for a good reason, to keep you young and beautiful !!!!





この薄いパリパリなアーモンドスライスはクッキージャー (JAR)に入れておくと日持ちもとっても良いいですよ〜。



Wafer Thin Almond Cookies –

  • 40g sugar
  • 50g flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 145g almond slices
  • Vanilla essence

①Combine sugar and egg and whisk well until mixture is white and fluffy.

②Add the flour to the mixture and roasted almond slices (pre-roast for 10 minutes at 160c/320f) and then the vanilla essence.

③With a large spoon, drop the mixture on a baking pan, carefully separating the almonds so it will not overlap with a chopstick or screwer.

④Bake at 135C/275F for approx. 35 minutes.


  • 薄力粉・・・・・・・・40g
  • 卵・・・・・・2個
  • 砂糖・・・・・40g
  • アーモンドスライス・・・・145g
  • バニラエッセンス 少々






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