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Very Easy…..70℃ Braised Tender Pork

Pork belly seem fattening but not really…I think.

The nutrients in ‘pork’ is excellent containing high protein, high B1 vitamins and a good source of B2, B6, B12 and Niacin. The iron in pork is easy for the body to absorb and also aids the absorption of iron from bread and vegetables. It is also a source of zinc and selenium.

And of all, it tastes good if cooked properly.

Here is an easy way of cooking which I often used for meats to retain the ‘tenderness’.


Choose a pork belly with the degree of fat of you choice.

Using salt and herbs, marinate the meat overnight to let the herb flavor and salt settle into the meat.



Just about an hour before you dinner guests to arrive, brown the pork belly in a frying pan (in high heat), the purpose is NOT TO cook the meat but concealing the meat juice from extracting out of the flesh.



I use HOT POT but you can also use a CUISINART or HEAVY LID PAN to which will conceal and retain the heat for a longer period than a thin aluminum pan.

The meat is wrapped in a plastic wrap first and double wrapped with ziploc before placing it inside the 70degree (C) hot water.

After 30 minutes or so……you will have a very TENDER BRAISED PORK which you can slice as steaks.




70degree pork recipe ENGLISH pdf

70degree pork recipe_JAPANESE pdf




written by Hisako Makimura/Tokyo, Japan

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