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Using the rice cooker, Ume Jam | 梅ジュース&ジャム


it’s mostly raining in June but the good thing is it becomes a busy month for fruit jams.

starting the with the japanese plum….it’s called ‘ume’ in japanese which is a very common very sour fruit when pickled.

‘ume’ is used for making sake, ume shu (shu = sake);

‘ume’ is used for making pickles, ume boshi (boshi = sundried);

‘ume’ is also used for jams, ume jam.













Ume (Japanese Plum) Juice – Ume Jam Recipe


  • Ume – Japanese Plum (ripe) 4kg
  • Crystal Sugar 50% of weight of Plum 2kg
  • For the Jam – 1500g of pulp + 50% of the above ume syrup


For the Ume Juice

  1. Wash the plums and remove the pit with skewer or thin bamboo stick.
  2. Pin the plum with few holes.
  3. Using a rice cooker, place the plum in the rice cooker and add the entire sugar.
  4. Turn the rice cooker on use the ‘warm mode or heat retaining mode’.
  5. After 12 hours, the sugar will turn into syrup, completely melted.
  6. Leave in warm mode for at least 24 hours.
  7. Drain the syrup which will give you ‘UME JUICE’.


For the Jam

  1. Let the plum cool. Separate the pulp and seeds with you fingers.
  2. I was able to get 1500g of pulp from the above recipe. Since I had some remaining pulp around the seed, to extract, I placed the seed in a boiling pan with some drained ume syrup and cooked it for about 10 minutes so most all the pulp around the seed were extracted. Drain the seed for disposal and use the syrup for the jam.
  3. The sweetness of the jam all varies as per individual. Since the ume is a sour fruit, I used up to 1000g of Ume Syrup combined together and occasionally mixing the jam to avoid bottom burning for about 10~15 minutes before concealing it into a jar.


Ume Juice Recipe – 梅ジュース(シロップ)

  • 梅・・・・4kg (青梅2kg/和歌山梅2kg)
  • 粗目砂糖・・・・(50%)・・・2kg


  1. 水洗いした後、へたをトル。一つ一つキッチンタオルでふきとる。
  2. 竹串で穴をあける。
  3. 梅と砂糖を炊飯器に入れる。
  4. 保温し時々優しくかきませます。
  5. 12時間後、シロップが完全に溶けます。
  6. 24時間保温。


Ume Jam Recipe – 梅ジャム

  1. 果肉は指で種を取り除きます。種と果肉を別々に取っておきます。
  2. 果肉の方は細かいジャムがお好みの方は裏ごしします。(果肉1500g)
  3. 種はシロップを使い、火にかけ種の周りの残った果肉を落とします。
  4. 果肉と合体させてます。果肉シロップを1000g入れて甘さを好みに調整、焦がさないようによく混ぜます。
  5. ペースト状にまるまで煮つめて、10~20分が目安。
  6. 煮沸した瓶に詰めれば出来上がりです。


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