Travel to the Island of Bali | バリ島旅行記

Travel to the Island of Bali | バリ島旅行記

Just before the busiest summer vacation season, we decided to take a trip to the island of Bali, both my husband and I having had gone numerous times to the ‘renown’ island of paradise. Joined by my mother, brother and sister’s family, the trip also purposed to reminisce the time we spent with my father who passed away this March, having had profound love for the  south Asian countries during  his lifetime especially Bali. Although I cannot recall my last visit to Bali, perhaps a good 15 years have past with the desire to return again, thus the realization of this trip.


With little children on board, we decided to stay at a Nusa Dua  at the Grand Hyatt|Bali, as with my mother’s request. This hotel was the very first accommodation which our family stayed and now one of the oldest hotels among the Balinese resorts.

最後に私がバリ島を訪れたのはおそらく15年前以上。あの頃はSNSもない時代だったので記憶をたどるか古いアルバムを見るしかありませんがここGRAND HYATTはバリ島のリゾート開発の初期に建てられたホテルでした。まるで古巣に戻ってような感覚でしたが入り口や風采はあまり変わっていませんでした。到着すると長い回廊がフロントまで続き、夕方にはガムランの音色が海風とともに聞こえてきます。

Entrance to the Grand Hyatt |Bali

Grand Hyatt|Bali occupies a massive area with beautiful lush tropical garden, lagoon-like pool intertwining the garden to entertain especially the children, a feel of swimming through treasure island. The large pond with water lilies overlooking the South Wing rooms is inhabited with a 3~4 foot water lizard, it’s sight caught only in the early morning hours of  sun rise. 

グヌサドゥアエリアにある高級リゾートホテルのグランド ハイアット バリ(Grand Hyatt Bali)はバリ島でも最大級の敷地を持つ大型ホテルで、美しいトロピカルガーデンに囲まれ、5つのプールをはじめ、プライベートビーチもあります。我々が泊まった南ウィングのオーシャンビューのお部屋は広大な池に面しており、1メートル以上の水中大トカゲが生息してました。広大なトロピカルガーデンには多くの自然動物が生息しており、目を楽しませてくれます。

The island of Bali being about 3.7 times bigger than the Oahu, Hawaii, it offers various activities to entertain all ages and it’s terrain with forested volcanic mountains, rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. The island is home to religious sites, temples.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue as the Indonesian Icon of civilization, the number one cultural icon in Bali. The statue is know to be one of the world’s largest and highest monumental statue in the world.

バリ島はハワイのオアフ島の3.7倍ばかりある島でいろいろなアクティビティが楽しめます。火山地帯、ウブドの山岳地帯や海岸。新しくできた Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park には世界1高いガルーダの銅像があります。

Half a day trip to explore the local food market which our driver recommended the Jimbaran and Kedonganan Fish Market. Purchasing tropical fruit from the local food stalls tend to be our first activity on our first day of arrival.


On the way to Ubud, we stopped by a local temple. Since our trip was on the actual day of the Galungan And Kuningan Day (24 July 2019), one of the most important Balinese festival, marks the time when the ancestral spirits visit the earth.


Photos from our trip to Ubud, the Goa Gaja (Elephant Cave), an archaeological site, 6 km out of central Ubud.


Iconic rice terraces in UBUD has now turned into a terrace river pool swing amusement park.



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