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Leaving Suzu City along the coastal road to the ‘Rokkosan Lighthouse’.

A white lighthouse built by an Englishman in the Meiji era (1868 ~ 1912). The lighthouse at the tip of Noto Peninsula, the point of contact between Sotoura and Uchiura. This cape famous for being able to see “the rising sun from the sea and the setting sun in the sea” at the same place.

The Japan Sea side of the peninsula is called Sotoura, and the Toyama Bay side is called Uchiura.



塩の駅 輪島塩(Wajima Salt)

A traditional salt production conducted over 500 years called the ‘Hama-Age Salt production’, concentrating seawater using the sand at the seashore.

From spring to summer, the seawater is poured from early morning to the sandy salt fields. Gathering just the dry sand with sun hydration, washing it again with seawater, repeating the process to extract the concentrated salted water.

This is put in a cauldron and cooked carefully to make delicious fried beach salt.

I’ve compiled a video to see how ‘Hama-Age Salt production’ is still being maintained as a traditional heritage below.







白米千枚田|A Thousand Rice Paddies in Shirayone


Shiroyone Senmaida (A Thousand Rice Paddies in Shiroyone) is the rice terraces located in Shiroyone town, Wajima City of Ishikawa Prefecture. The scenery of 1,004 small rice paddies on steep slopes along the seaside is splendid, and thus famous among the many other rice terraces in Japan. Shiroyone Senmaida was selected as one of “Japan’s Top 100 Terraced Rice Paddies” and nationally designated a “Special Place of Scenic Beauty”. 



The day ends at Wajima.

The port is facilitated with large parking lots to accommodate visitors, travelers and tourist which becomes our overnight resting spot.

We’ve managed to find a local Sushi Restaurant in Wajima for over 40 years. Not only do they serve sush but seasonal delights and individual fresh catch dishes throughout the year. Given its location right next to the morning market, the fresh catch is their speciality.

助すし|Suke Sushi | 輪島市河井町3-26-2 | TEL 0768-22-4101

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