to Noto..Camping Car Travelogue | 能登半島への旅 ②

to Noto..Camping Car Travelogue | 能登半島への旅 ②

Second Day. |2日目。

While breakfast is being prepared, my husband plans the route for the day.


Map around where we are….Niigata prefecture, Ojiya~Nagaoka

Our friend and our third passenger will be joining us at Nagaoka on an early shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo, thus arriving at the station quite early having had time to browse around Nagaoka station to encounter a remarkable store. (especially for Sake lovers)


Ponshu House | ぽんしゅ館

Located inside the Nagaoka train station, Ponshu House has gathered all of the sake breweries of Niigata prefecture and made available as a Japanese sake tasting spot for a small fee of 500 yen for 5 tastings.


Along side with Sake tasting, there was a Shoyu (Soy Sauce) tasting spot with an assemblage and diversity of soy sauce made in Niigata.


Bullet trains in Japan arrive precisely on time and our friend joins our expedition to Noto Peninsula.


From inland Nagaoka to the coastline of Japan Sea is of short distance. The plan is to drive along the coastline to hit one of our main attractions of this trip. SEAFOOD.

Itoigawa area is well known for ‘Benizuwai Crabs (Red Snow Crabs)’ . At Kaniya Yokocho (Crab Market Street) crabs caught fresh in the waters off Nou Port is sold for tourists and visitors. It boiled ready to be eaten at a dining area within the facility.

長岡駅からは日本海の海岸線を走ります。目的地は能生港の近くの「道の駅マリンドリーム能生」通称 かにや横丁。能生漁港で穫れた新鮮なベニズワイガニを選んで買って、その場で食べられる、日本海側最大級のベニズワイガニ直売所です。イートインスペースがあり、素手とハサミで食べるかなりワイルドな経験でした。

Delirious scenes from Kaniya Yokocho – Crab Market Streetかにや横丁

After devouring our crab lunch, driving along the coastline to enter Toyama prefecture, to our night depot.

Himi Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Station) facilities include excellent revolving sushi bar, hot springs (onsen) , shopping plaza

蟹を堪能したあとはのんびりと富山県に抜けます。今夜の停泊場所は我が家おなじみの道の駅 氷見。ここは富山港で上がった魚の回転寿司や温泉施設も充実しており、施設も綺麗で駐車場も広く快適な道の駅です。

道の駅 氷見 番屋街 住所: 富山県氷見市北大町25-5

<to Noto..Camping Car Travelogue | 能登半島への旅 > to continue 続く…..

to Noto..Camping Car Travelogue | 能登半島への旅 ①

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