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to Noto..Camping Car Travelogue | 能登半島への旅 ①

Just after England defeated the ‘All Blacks’ in the RWC, simultaneously the country was hit by a catastrophic Typhoon Hagibis (Typhoon #19), luckily we managed to depart to our annual camping car voyage. This year to the Noto Peninsula which projects about 100 kms into the Northern Sea from Ishikawa Prefecture, an approximate 470 kilometers from Tokyo at a straight distance. Noto Peninsula known for poor public transportation, it remains quite remote, sparcely populated and with rugged and wild coastline, rice fields and small quiet villages.



Our dear dog ‘Nana’ who has been traveling with us since childhood

On our very first day, from central Tokyo, we headed north to Nagaoka (Nigata prefecture), to pick up our friend who will be joining us the following day arriving by Shinkansen from Tokyo.

My husband and ‘Nana’

Heading north along the Kanetsu Expressway, will take you to Niigata prefecture, this area of Japan know for rice agriculture, ski resorts and great hot springs (onsen). Exiting the highway at Yuzawa IC, stopping over for one of my favorite delicacies, the Hegi Soba. Hegi Soba is a buckwheat noodle integrated with funori (seaweed) which yields a smooth and firm texture, originated at Tokamachi (Niigata).


Restaurant : Nakanoya | 中野屋

住所:新潟県南魚沼市南田中534−89 TEL:025−778-3113

No doubt, one of the best way to see rural Japan is the travel along the country roads if one has the luxury of time. These two places are located along local prefectural road #17 and to find a long cue at a rural countryside was such a strange view, apparently to find out to be small Onigiri (rice ball) shop.


Uonuma Soyu Farm うおぬま倉友農園

Extract from Uonuma Soyu website.

Uonuma Soyu Farm makes rice in Minami-Uonuma, former Shiozawa town, the farm terrain surrounded by Mt. Maki and Mt. Echigo. The harsh mountainous environment; short sunshine hours, cold snowmelt and extreme difference in day and night temperatures has been a year to year challenge to the highest brand rice production in the Uonuma area.


Uonuma Soyu Onigiri (Rice Ball) | うおぬま倉友農園直営店「おにぎり屋」

Michi-no-Eki is a “Roadside Station” where provides rest facilities including free parking and local community cultural center including some with hot spring (onsen) facilities and restaurants.

<to Noto..Camping Car Travelogue | 能登半島への旅 > to be continued 続く…..

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