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Thin Crust ‘Flaky’ Apple Pie | アップル・パイ

Very easy….’Thin Crust Flaky’ Apple Pie.

Using the FEUILLETAGE | FLAKY PASTRY which I made for the Tarte Figues kept frozen, an easy apple pie using the Japanese Kogyoku (slightly sour but bakes well for pies and cakes, apparently also called the Jonathan) . Yes, I know…making the FLAKY PASTRY is the hard part but….once you get your mind around to making it…make enough so you can store it frozen and does come very handy with seasonal fruits and desserts and just ENYOY!


を冷凍してあったので冷蔵庫解凍して簡単な『薄皮 アップルパイ』。






Flaky Pastry Apple Pie

< FEUILLETAGE | FLAKY PASTRY RECIPE> Makes 4 sheets for a 26-28cm Pie Dish

  • Bread Flour (50%) 250g
  • Cake Flour (50%) 250g
  • Salt (2.5%) 12.5g
  • Water (45%) 225g
  • Unsalted Butter (15%) 75g – mix in with the dough
  • Unsalted Butter (70%) 350g – fold-in butter sheet



  1. <MIX> Using a food processor or dough mixer, mix the flour, salt and butter at low speed Do not over mix as the gluten will formulate by over mixing the dough.
  2. <REST TIME 3 HOURS> Shape the dough into a circular shape, pulling the surface to a dome shape and cut the top to a cross shape. Wrap the dough and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.
  3. <BUTTER SHEET 22cm x 22cm> Make a 22cm x 22cm butter sheet for folding into the dough. Make sure that the butter is as even as possible.
  4. <BUTTER FOLDING #1> Seen below, press the cross shape with a rolling pin to roll out the dough to a 50cm x 50cm shape placing the butter sheet in the middle. Fold the four corners into the center without air. Seal off the seams, roll the dough to approx. 25-30cm width and 3 times the length. Fold 1/3 of the bottom/top to a rectangular shape.
  5. <FOLDING #2 & #3> Rotating the rectangular dough 90 degrees, repeat the above process twice. Let it rest in the refrigerator for 2 hours.
  6. <FOLDING #4 & #5> Repeat the folding process twice and let the dough rest in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
  7. <SHAPING>

(Reference) For a millefeuille, the dough needs to be 2mm in thickness, 40cm width, 60cm length. Using a roller docker to prick the dough and let it rest for 24 hours before use. (If time is an issue, let it rest for at least 2 hours before use)

For this tarte, roll the dough to 2mm thick and using a circular object or cut out sheet, cut the dough into a 26 – 28cm circular shape. Cut out a strip 1cm in width x 90cm long.


Let the dough rest in the refrigerator of 30 minutes before baking the crust at 190C (375F)until light brown.


Wash the fresh apples and cut the large apples in to thin pieces, trying to retain a similar shape to each slice.

Sprinkle a little bit if cinnamon sugar as to your taste and decorate the apples on top.

Bake the pie for 45 minutes at 190C/375F.


Flaky Pastry Apple Pie Recipe |アップルパイ




【Feuilletage | フィユタージュ 織り込みパイ生地】

  • 強力粉・(50%)・・・・・・・250g
  • 薄力粉・(50%)・・・・・・・250g
  • 塩・・・(2.5%)・・・・・・5g
  • 無塩バター(15%)・・・・・・75g
  • 水・・・(45%)・・・・・・225g
  • 織り込み用バターシート・(70%)・350g



【Feuilletage | フィユタージュ 織り込みパイ生地】作り方


  1. 【MIX 生地をこねる】
  2. 【3時間休ませる】


  1. 【バターシート】22×22cm


  1. 【1回目バター折り込み】【2時間休ませる】
    台に打ち粉をして、冷やした生地をおき、十文字の切り込みを上から押さえ綿棒を中心から外側に転がしてのばす。生地を回して4方向にのばし、縦横が50cmほどの大きさにのばす。 バターシートを入れ、空気が入らないようにぴったりと包む。閉じた面を上から綿棒でたたき、生地とバターを馴染ませる。綿棒を手前から奥側へ転がし、幅25-30cmくらいに伸ばす。長さは幅の3倍を目安にします。3つ折りにします。



  1. 【3つ折りを2セット】【24時間休ませる】


  1. 【のばし方】




  1. 天板にオーブンペーパーを敷き、上の円形をおき、縁側に薄く水を塗り帯状を縁に沿って貼付ける。30分ほど冷蔵庫で休ませる。
  2. 190℃のオーブンで45分ほど薄いきつね色になるまで焼く。



  1. 林檎(紅玉)は皮を剥き薄くいちょう切りにする。
  2. のばしたペーストリーの上に林檎を綺麗に並べる。シナモンシュガーを上から振り掛け、林檎をぎっしりと並べる。
  3. 190℃のオーブンで45分ほど焼いたらそのまま冷やします。



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