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the Autumn fish – Pacific Saury | ガッテン流 – 秋刀魚の季節

The arrival of ‘Pacific Saury’, a thin sword-like fish called ‘Sanma’ signifies the arrival of autumn and is probably one of the most popular fish in Japan during this short season. The Japanese kanji (characters) is written  秋(autumn) 刀 (sword) 魚(fish) so literally figuratively the fish is what it spells to be.

Unfortunate this fish seems to swim around the Pacific coast along the north south line of Japan so it may not be available to you for  a lot of my western readers fresh but it’s funny that we, Japanese go crazy over this fish and thus why this post of ‘the best way to grill SANMA (Pacific Saury)’.  I can imagine a lot of readers going….huh? why? a grill is a grill, no?  This just proves how much we love and value this seasonal fish.



【ガッテン流サンマの塩焼き(うまさの源 脂を逃さないジューシーな焼き方)】





Grilled Juicy and Soft Pacific Saury |【ガッテン流サンマの塩焼き(うまさの源 脂を逃さないジューシーな焼き方)】


Grilling to get the best out of the Pacific Saury – retaining a soft and juicy grilled fish

  • Pacific Saury
  • Mirin
  1. Preheat the fish grill for 3 minutes before placing the fish.
  2. Dilute the mirin with water (x 10) and gently paint the fish with the mirin.
  3. Sprinkle appropriate amount of salt.
  4. Grill the fish for 7 minutes (double top and bottom fire grill). If you have a one sided grill, grill for 5 minutes and flip the fish for another 4 minutes.
  5. Leave the fish on a serving plate, wait 2 minutes before eating.

【ガッテン流サンマの塩焼き(うまさの源 脂を逃さないジューシーな焼き方)】

  • 秋刀魚
  • みりん 適量
  1. 予熱を3分間して魚焼きグリルを温める。
  2. 10倍希釈したみりんをサンマ全体に塗る。
  3. 塩を適量ふる。
  4. 強火で7分間加熱する。(片面焼きグリルの場合は表5分+裏4分)
  5. 取り出して皿の上で2分間余熱を入れる。

Making a Pacific Saury Sashimi at home |【ガッテン流サンマのさしみ】


Grilled Pacific Saury Intestines | 秋刀魚の肝焼


Making a Pacific Saury Sashimi at home

  1. Freeze the fish for at least 24 hours before use. Take the fish out of the freezer to room temperature, thaw for about 15 minutes before use.
  2. Cut all the fins with a sharp kitchen scissor.
  3. Put a knife from the anus, vertically down to the spine (bone) and STOP.
  4. Turn the knife to cut along the spine (bone) towards the head and STOP.
  5. Bend the head backwards – break the neck and holding the head peel the skin moving to the tail direction.
  6. Once the skin is peeled, slice the fish to a fillet (separate the flesh from the bone).
  7. Cut to appropriate sashimi sizes.
  8. The left over head and guts can be grilled using the above grilling method.




  1. 一晩(24時間以上)冷凍しておいたサンマを、およそ15分、氷水解凍する。
  2. 背びれと腹びれをはさみなどで取り除く。
  3. 肛門から背骨に向かって包丁を入れる。
  4. 包丁の向きを変え、頭に向かって包丁を入れ内臓部分を切り離す。
  5. 頭を背中方向に折り曲げ、頭についている皮を尾の方へ引きはがす。
  6. 背骨に沿って三枚におろす。
  7. 適度な大きさに切ったら完成。
  8. 残った頭と肝は『肝焼』にすると美味しい。


2015/10/7放送 ためしてガッテン

【ガッテン流サンマの塩焼き(うまさの源 脂を逃さないジューシーな焼き方)】



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