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Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum | 岡本太郎記念館

From Abstract to Surrealism, from art to philosophy, the aesthetics underlying Taro Okamoto’s art, his atelier and former home, now a Memorial Museum is located in the central Tokyo, fashionable Aoyoma district .

Blazing sunlight, soaring heat wave across Japan over 35 degrees, perhaps not as bad as heat wave across Europe, pronouncing the ‘declaration of summer’. Perhaps the ‘sun’ is what motivated me to visit this museum at the spur of the moment yesterday, Taro Okamato’s work best know for the Tower of the Sun.

Taro Okamoto (1911-96) was an avant-garde painter and sculptor, influenced early on by Picasso, prior to have spent ten years studying in Paris before World War II. After the war he developed an interest in prehistoric Jomon artifacts, and elements of both Jomon and Picasso can be seen in much of his work.

Taro Okamoto, best-known work, Tower of the Sun (1970), a centerpiece installed in Osaka for Expo ’70. The 70m sculpture depicts, in overwhelming scale, the past (lower part), present (middle part), and future (the face) of the human race, soaring into the sky with both arms wide open to welcome visitors to the Osaka Expo ’70.  The refurbished Tower of the Sun was opened on March 2018 and visitors are able to get tickets here at the ‘The Official Site of the Tower of the Sun Museum’

Miniature model of the Tower of the Sun

This museum in Aoyama is of a compact scale that one another, the Kawasaki Taro Okamoto Museum.

In top floor event space, the Aoyama museum was also holding a display of an CG artist, Yoichirou Kawaguchi , his displayed works (shown below).


二階のイベントスペースでは現在は「5億年後の生命体behyond AI」by川口洋一郎を開催しておりました。「人類が存在しないかもしれない5億年後の未来を想像してみよう」というテーマです。

His atelier@Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum|岡本太郎のアトリエ
太陽の塔の内部構造「生命の樹」|Miniature scale of the “Tree of Life,” originally about 41 m high and made of steel. Attached to the trunk and branches of the Tree is a set of 292 models of living organisms varying in kinds and sizes; the Tree depicts the evolution process of life – from protists (such as amoebae), reptiles, and dinosaurs to mankind.
MYTH OF TOMORROW (1968-1969) |
30 meter mural, an abstract mural of the atomic-blast can be seen at the Shibuya Station along the busiest commuter corridor of the JR Yamanote and KEIO Inogashira lines.

Yoichiro Kawaguchi’s Works

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