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Summer Vegetable Dishes

Vegetables come in great variety during the summertime.

Aubergines, green peppers, cucumbers, various type of beans, etc. etc.  Japan, especially Tokyo is, I think the best place to shop from groceries to any type of delicacies and even worldwide gourmet.

On a daily basis, I personally dislike supermarket shopping (vegetables are mass produced and tend to come tasteless) and I squander small shops; which I keep a personal rated list of good and fresh vegetable shops, butchers, fish monger, fruit shops around my vicinity.

Our dinner table is mostly filled with vegetables with one or two dishes of fish or meat, eating light and healthy becomes a habit; more so religious.

I will be introducing the how to simply make these everyday Japanese side dishes (homemade washoku) in due course on my recipe pages; which I’ve been trying to build but not so smoothly as I imagined having transferred my site to quite recently.


Braised Pumpkin with aduki (red beans)

Braised Pumpkin with Aduki_1






Sauteed Green Pepper with Jyako (dried tiny fish) in sesame oil




Cold Aubergine Noodles in dried shrimp dashi

Aubergines are sliced into thin noodles and braised in a dried shrimp dashi (broth).



























Fried Small Aji (Horse Mackerel)

Small horse mackerels, salted and twice deep fried so the inner spine bones are edible.


























Grilled Aubergines Nibitashi

Grilled aubergines braised in a (standard) bonito dashi with soysauce.



























 Salted Salmon

This is a very typical favorite Japanese food.

It is as simple as spelled out, simply a ‘salted salmon’ and one of our best company to a bowl of white rice as well as filling of onigiri (rice balls) and many other rice dishes.  ‘Pre-salted’ are available in grocery shops but I prefer buying fresh cut salmon and marinating it myself with salted rice malt.





written by Hisako Makimura/Tokyo, Japan










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