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summer Craft days | 夏のクラフト

Couple of months have passed (already) since I purchased this dream machine ‘Bernina Sewing Machine’, the 530 series. Apart from ordinary sewing, I fell in love with this machine wanting to go free motion with an unique arm – the stitch regulator (BNR). In essence it allows me to go free motion with a needle and canvas to create embroidery art forms and fabric arts.

My Bernina 530, made in Switzerland, an immaculate precision machinery.

So….I’ve been just testing..testing..and testing. Exploring and testing repeatedly into my curiosities and creativity which motives me of any genres of fabric arts.
Since summer is slowly but surely starting to fade, this may be a good timing to post some of my summer works as my motifs and inspirations do tend to change with the season, as you can see with my cooking and lifestyle in Tokyo.
This is a Ginko Leaf embroidery which was made to be a book marker made for my father.  | イチョウの葉をモチーフにブックマーカーに仕立ててみました

(Left) Tested a different coloration on the Ginko Leaf book marker. | 色をかえて再挑戦。う〜ん、、あまり気に入っていないけど。
(Right) Eucalyptus leaves book marker, a skeleton leaf motif. | ユーカリの葉、スケレトンのモチーフを使ってブックマーカーの別バージョン。

Various ‘Eucalyptus leaves’ embroidered to be a table mat for our front entrance, on a light lacy fabric.  | 葉の刺繍に少し自信ついて玄関の入り口のマットを作ってみました。薄いレースの生地にユーカリの葉っぱを多々。

The following series is an embroidery practice using Meredith Woolnough’s artist’s motifs. Her artist work is just awesome! , helped my motivation and to explore my own capabilities.
Embroidered on a thin transparent lacy fabric, a flower vase mattresses.
Meridith Woolnoughさんのアートワークに魅せられて(BNR)フリーハンド・スティッチレギュレーターで練習。細かい作業ですが出来上りにはなかなかの達成感。出来上がった刺繍は花瓶のマットにするとなかなか素敵だと思いました。

These are my Irish birds, my nostalgic youth memories, birds in my own back yard when I used to live in Cork, Ireland.
‘Robins’ with a tint of red color gave a glimpse of color during the dark Irish winter sky. Mom bashful or blush when she finds a ‘Blue Tit’ and spells out the  word ‘tit’. ‘Irish warrens’, I recall to be constantly pecking the yarn grass for seeds or weeds?
Dimension of the tapestry : 15cm (6 inches) square fabric
追伸 ダックスフンドは遊びで、、ラインアート。イタチ顔ですが。笑
This is my Irish bird tapestry works, a combination of fabric art and embroidery. Oops…dachshund made just for fun. Looks more or less like a weasel though.

Kitchen linens embroidered with kitchen utensil motifs.

Thai yoga pants made from worn out Indian cotton. Great for the hot and humid summer.

These are my bag series. I wanted to do something with (left over) fabric art and a combination of stitches.
The upper left corner was meant to be a ‘purse and cell phone holder’ but didn’t feel quite convenient so I ended up recreating it (upper right corner) to a small bag with draw strings.
The bottom is a ditto bag for shower toiletries to hold shampoos and cosmetics which I use at the gymn.

This is my cover with I made for my Bernina 530 sewing machine. Since it sits opposite to my kitchen herb rack, I’ve recreated some herbs on my cloth canvas which adds some aesthetics to the room.


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