Steamed Mabo Tofu|麻婆豆腐蒸し

Steamed Mabo Tofu|麻婆豆腐蒸し

Steamed Mabo Tofu also known as the “Szechuan style spicy tofu”, a very common Chinese Szechuan dish. Like many other, culinary chefs claim their recipes to be of the best Mabo Tofu dish and each restaurant, each household have their own valued recipe of pride and joy.

I’ve used many Mabo Tofu (chef) recipe but this one is far beyond the most simple, undemanding recipe which one will most likely enjoy the outcome. I’m not going oversell this recipe but if you like ‘steam cooking’ you will certainly enjoy the pure and simple outcome. View the video to see how easy it is!

My other genuine Mabo Tofu recipe(赤坂飯店レシピ) |  Akasaka Shisen Hanten

麻婆豆腐は家庭でも作れる中華料理ですがお店で食べる味をどう出すか?は料理好きには永遠のテーマの一つともいえるかもしれません。今までは 赤坂四川飯店 のレシピにたどりつき、毎回それを改良しながら作っていましたが今回はジーテンの吉田勝彦チェフが出している「蒸す」って、という本の蒸す麻婆豆腐を作ってみました。



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