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Spring Vegetables | 春の野菜

Spring, a fresh new start, new buds sprout to live the next four seasons.
Spring vegetables, vivid and lively, bursting with energy awaken from hibernation and power from mother earth.
My most favorite of spring vegetables are the ‘bamboo shoots’. As the temperature rises, bamboo shoots start sprouting from the southern part of Japan (this one is from Kumamoto prefecture). The upper half tips are soft and make a typical Japanese dish, ‘boiled wakatake – young bamboo tips’ served with fresh seaweeds.

‘boiled wakatake – young bamboo tips’ served with fresh seaweeds | 若竹煮

Boiled bamboo shoots in broad beans puree | 空豆のすり流し

Rice cooked with Baby Clams|あさりの炊き込みご飯

Miso Soup with Japanese Parsley | せりの御味噌汁

Buds of a Japanese angelica-tree and mountain asparagus (udo) |たらの芽とウドの葉の天ぷら

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