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Since I’ve been doing a lot of Instagram photos lately, this is a post to share my photos, perhaps may show a glimpse of my daily lifestyle here in Tokyo.
Late April – Arrival of the ‘Cherry Blossoms’ in the Tokyo, Kanto District. This is a photo taken at our favorite driving course, in Yamanashi prefecture, Hakushu area. The glimpse of the mountain range in the background is one of the peak belonging to the Japanese Southern Alps.

Late April – Tree stump with ‘Japanese Shitake Mushrooms’ (Genboku Shitake) along our entrance porch. The stump needs to reside in a damp shaded area of the garden to stay humid, a typical environment, mushrooms love.

Early May – Our front porch garden with a banksia rose arch (mokobara).
It becomes a lovely arch a nice backdrop for photo shoots.

Early May – A visit to my sister who resides near the Southern Alps. Her husband boiled some bamboo shoots  for us to take home. The right column are the ‘wild fuki (butterbur)’ which has a very distinctive wild vegetable taste. It is treated with hot water together with some ashes to remove the bitter taste (called ‘aku’ in Japanese) before actual cooking. The bottom is a ‘stewed fuki’ with soy sauce and mirin which we call it ‘kyarabuki’.
5月上旬 – 南アルプスの近くに住む妹に久しぶりに出かける。妹のご主人さまが山にいって掘って来た筍をさらにご丁寧に煮てくれた。野ふきが山に入り柔らかそうなフキを収穫。一応、アク抜きをしてから『キャラブキ』にしたてました。

Middle May – This is my huband’s mother’s 97th birthday party cake. Impossible to lay 97 candles on a cake so….see the little number 97?
5月中旬 – お姑さんの97歳の誕生日パーティーに用意したデコレーションケーキ。97本のキャンドルはちょっと、、無理。数字でガマンしてね。しかし、97歳はすごいです。見習わないとね。
Daily breakfast breads. Homemade my bakery…aka Chako Bakery.

My DIY sewing projects.
Kitchen towels and tabletop mattress made from leftover cloths and scarfs.

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