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Chiharu Shiota Exhibition: The Soul Trembles | 塩田千春展 (part 1)

Chiharu Shiota’s exhibit at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo. Chiharu Shiota is a Berlin based artist, internationally active and widely known for her large scale ‘thread’ installation. She explores the human existence and concerns such as life, death and relationships.

The exhibition started in June at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo (Roppong Hills), having received considerable acclaim, very crowded during the summer holiday season. I was finally able to see the exhibit having to abandon my visit twice from the overwhelming cue as I wanted to see this exhibit in a quiet and airy environment.

This exhibit is a stunning large scale installation and her full range of artist career works including sculptures drawings, performance videos, photographs and stage design projects spanning for over a period of 25 years.


The subtitle of this exhibition, ‘The Soul Trembles’ refers to the emotional stirrings of the heart that cannot be put into words. The countless lines alludes to various phenomena and complex array of connections, while also beckoning us towards the deepest reachers of existence. | 「魂がふるえる」には、言葉にならない感情によって震えている心の動きを、他者にも伝えたいという作家の思いが込められています。

Threads become tangled, interwined, broken off, unraveled. They constantly reflect a part of my mental state, as if they were expressing the state of human relationships. | 糸はもつれ、絡まり、切れ、解ける。それは、まるで人間関係を表すように、私の心をいつも映し出さす。

Becoming Painting

First artwork, a bodily expression, thrown her self intro (1994 Australian University Schoool of Art, Canberra).

From DNA to DNA

Her first installation, in search of the materials myself. She was born, and emerged, out of this work. (held at Kyoto Seika University 1994)

Since the exhibition displayed extensive works for over a quarter decade, I will post a Part 2 of her other exhibits including here sketch drawings and other installation works. | 投稿を二つに分け、後半には彼女のスケッチや他のインスタレーションを紹介します。

Chiharu Shiota Exhibition – To continue to part 2

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