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Shabu-shabu (Nameko) | 原木なめこ しゃぶしゃぶ

Familiar with ‘Shabu-Shabu (shyabu-shyabu)‘?

It is a typical Japanese dish normally featuring thin slices of beef in a boiled hot pot water but this is one is our favorite dish, seasonal and can only be done when the NAMEKO (a small amber color mushroom with a slightly gelatinous coating) is available in autumn.





しゃぶしゃぶの具材は –

  1. 原木なめこ
  2. 原木ひらたけ
  3. クレソン
  4. 下仁田ネギ
  5. 豚バラ
  6. 木綿豆腐
  7. 辛味だいこん





Wild mushrooms come available during this autumn season and Japan comes abundant with various types of wild mushrooms but the fresh picked ones can only be obtained in the countryside. Mushroom hunting could be one great rare entertainment during the autumn season of Japan.

Nameko (a amber and slippery glutinous coated mushroom) is a familiar and popular type but the wild ones are hard to get.









Shabu-shabu is not much of a recipe.

It’s a hot pot with boiling water (if you prefer, a dried seaweed-konbu is dropped into the hot water for a clear broth).

The ingredients to go into the shabu-shabu is an ‘as you like’ item but with the Nameko Shabu-Shabu, our preference was :

  1. Wild nameko
  2. Wild hiratake
  3. Pork Belly
  4. Creson
  5. Wild Leeks (Shimonita Negi)
  6. Oops! not in the picture but Tofu
  7. Daikon Oroshi (grated spicy radish)
  8. Sauce : Ponzu (Soy sauce based sauce)



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