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Seasonal Fish |the Grilled Mackerel Pike

There is a Japanese saying that ‘No heat or cold lasts over the equinox’ which was September 23rd this year. But arrival of autumn seems a lot more faster than what we expected and at around September 6th we have been seeing cool temperatures and rapid signs of autumn.

The ‘MACKEREL PIKE’ (Pacific Saury) becomes a very popular seasonal fish, not to mention a extremely popular fish among the Japanese.

The ‘kanji’ spells autumn knife fish; which is exactly what it is. It is long pointed swordlike fish.




I have never seen this sold at fish markets in the United States nor Europe; so it must be a typical Japanese fish or an Asian fish.


Salted and grilled is the most common and popular way of eating the ‘Mackerel Pike’ with shredded radish and sudachi (citrus).

written by Hisako Makimura/Tokyo, Japan

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