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Sansho Chicken Wings | 手羽先 x 山椒

Sansho Chicken Wings..
Humm…this is such a simple recipe and the post of more or less for me than anyone else.
I tend to lose memory of what was commented ‘GOOD’ by my husband (my everyday guest). Some dinner dishes turn out excellent from a combination of left over ingredients and coincidence, this certainly is one of them in that genre.
So to log this to my recipe…thus my post and to chicken, yakitori and beer/wine lovers.
Voilà !


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Sansho (Japanese Pepper) Seeds

Sansho Chicken Wings Recipe –
Marinate and leave overnight in the refrigerator-

  • 8 ~ 10 Chicken Wings with approx. 50cc sake
  • 3 Tbsp Soy Sauce + 10 Sansho Seeds (*Sansho – Japanese Pepper)


  1. (Pre-make) Leave the chicken wings with sake, overnight in the refrigerator, using Ziploc or a durable plastic bag.
  2. (Pre-make) Add 10~15 Sansho Seed with soy sauce. Set aside in the refrigerator.
  3. Using minimal amount of oil, grill the chicken wings using a frying pan, grilling it from the skin-side first. Grill until the each side has a nice golden crisp burn over medium heat. Do not overcook or burn the chicken wings.
  4. Add the soy sauce and sansho seeds, tossing the chicken wings to marinate the sauce until the sauce dries out.
  5. Ready to serve hot or cold!

Recipe –

  • 手羽先・・・・・・約8〜10本)
  • 酒・・・・・・・・50cc


  • 醤油・・・・・・・大匙3
  • 山椒・・・・・・・10〜15個
  1. ジップロックか液体を通さないビニール袋に手羽先とお酒を入れ、冷蔵庫で一晩寝かしておきます。
  2. 調味料、醤油と山椒も合わせておき冷蔵庫に保管しておきます。
  3. フライパンを取り出し、中火で熱したら、手羽先の皮を裏にして中火でパリパリの焦げ目ができるまで両面やきます。
  4. ある程度焼き上がったら調味料を合わせ、手羽先に絡むように合わせていきます。煮詰まり始めるとソースが美味しそうに絡み、殆ど乾く程度になったら出来上りです。
  5. 熱々でも冷やしても美味しいお惣菜です。


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