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Sansai (Wild Vegetables) Tempura | 春の山菜天ぷら

A galore of “Spring wild vegetables” – bamboo shoots, butterbur (fukinotou), tara-no-me (Japanese angelica-tree new buds) and kakiage (spring onions, broad beans and sakura shrimp) made into tempura. One of our spring food dinner event.

Spring vegetables come avail on narrow window duration which make it worth as a spring delicacy. These vegetables have the tendency of a strong ‘bitter’ taste and it’s cooking preparation and treatment diverse, to remove the ‘aku’, which is often too strong of a taste. The most common and simplest method to remove the ‘aku’ is deep frying and thus often ‘spring wild vegetables’ are often cooked as tempura.

Tempura (same method as the Italian fritto or fritters) but the batter is thin compared to the fritters. Recipe to how to make Japanese tempura batters listed below.


今の時期は「最後になるつつある フキのとう」「フキ」「筍」「たらの芽」「新玉葱と桜えびとそら豆のかき揚げ」を天ぷらに。多くできてしまったら是非お隣さんやお友達におすそ分け。

Tempura Batter

Course: Japanese Authentics| Washoku, Vegan FoodCuisine: JapaneseDifficulty: Medium


Prep time


Cooking time




  • Combine the water and ice cubes in a cup. (Or instead of using ice cubes, pre-mix the batter and keep it refrigerated few hours in advance)
  • Add flour, water and a pinch of salt and mix. (The standard recipe is to add egg to this batter however I personally do not use eggs for my tempura, so it can go either way.)
  • Keep the batter refrigerated or keep cold.
  • Depending on the type of vegetables, blend or add more flour to keep the batter consistently thin.
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