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Roasted Sardines with you like..herbs

Sardines are worldwide.

I hear that is used to be an extremely popular eaten fish in Japan, mind you – IT STILL IS, but the fast food ready made culture is slowly but surely contaminating our country and there is a growing tendency dislikes of handling fish in their own kitchen.

So… the fishmonger does all the cleaning.

You can also request how you are going to eat the fish which he will kindly treat the fish – into a fillet, or a sashimi, remove the guts if you are just grilling it..etc.etc. Service is a virtue here in Japan so one cynical word or so will scare the customers from ever coming back.

So…ask the fishmonger to ‘fillet’ the fresh sardines, which he would even recommend eating it as a SASHIMI but tonight we will go this route – ROASTED with lots x2 of HERBS.


Scenery before going into the oven….



Serving for 2

Sardines…..4 (8 fillets)

Salt & Pepper

Breadcrumbs…..about 2 cups

Olive Oil…..3 tablespoons

Shiso Leafs…..10 leafs

Leaks…..3 tablespoon

Garlic…..1 tablespoons

  1. Salt the sardines and let it set for about 10~20minutes before cooking. By salting the fresh sardines, it will set the fillet to firm and unnecessary water to drain out.
  2. Paper the grease pan with waxed paper and lay the sardines, peppering the sardines.
  3. Combine the breadcrumbs with olive oil, chopped shiso leafs, leaks and garlic; topping the sardines with the herb mixed breadcrumbs.



Roasted Sardines ASL Recipe in printable PDF

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