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Rice Cooker ‘Barbecue Pork’ | 炊飯器で焼豚

Having a half a day to tender your attention to the ‘meat for dinner’ is a luxury at our everyday pace of life.  We know that living well is truly about prioritizing how we spend our time but….blasting heat for half a day yet during late summer heat is yet a courageous dive.

Low temperature slow cooking, let the RICE COOKER do it with it’s ‘warm mode’. | 炊飯器の保温モードでスロークッキング。

I’ve introduced this method in one of my past post, similar but using a pork belly to make a Japanese dish called ‘kakuni’ – pork belly cut into rectangular cubes.

Small cuts of US pork shoulder at the supermarket made me think twice. In honesty, US pork is ranked low in my shopping list as it’s fibrous and often the meat coarse and needs stewing (not yet in the seasonal mood for slow cooking) which rang my bell to tenderize the meat, a super easy method using the rice cooker. Try it. This cooking method is a saviour!



出来栄え? 焼豚としては脂身が少ないので「ヘルシー焼豚」。この手法であれば「アメリカンポーク」をそんなに毛嫌いすることもないかな?と思えました。

Rice Cooker ‘Barbecue Pork’ | 炊飯器で焼豚

Course: MainCuisine: ChineseDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time




  • Pork Shoulder approx. 500g x 2|豚肩肉

  • 2 Long green leaks (Cut short and tied with cooking strings)
    青ネギ 2本 (20cm程度に切り、タコ糸で縛ります)

  • 80cc~100cc Sake|酒

  • 80cc Dark Soy Sauce|濃口醤油

  • 1 Tablespoon Honey|はちみつ

  • 1 Tablespoon Amazake (Sweet Fermented Sake)|甘酒

  • 300cc Water|水

  • Spice Bag – スパイスパッグ
    5 slices of ginger|生姜
    1 clove of garlic |にんにく
    2 Star Anise|スターアニス
    1 Teaspoon Nutmeg|ナツメグ


  • (Meat) Prick the meat with a long skewer and soak to tender the meat in sake (80cc~100cc), store overnight in the refrigerator.
  • (Meat) Bring the meat back to room temperature and tie the meat with a kitchen string.
  • (Spice bag) Place all the ingredients into the spice bag (tea bag).
  • (Leaks) Tie the leaks with a kitchen string to prevent it from disintegrate during the process of slow cooking.
  • Using a rice cooker with heater (warm) mode, place the all the ingredients in the rice cooker, cook the meat for 60 minutes and further continue to keep the warm mode for about 6 hours.
  • The meat is well cooked and tender within the sauce and herbs, ready to be served.
  • You can also transfer the sauce into a cooking pan and heat over low heat until the sauce becomes thick and dense, well appropriate to be used for the sauce.
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