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Rice Cake Pounding Event | 餅つき大会

Rice cakes – we call it ‘mochi’  is eaten most everywhere in Japan at New Years. The rice cakes (pounded sticky rice) is sold everywhere but the freshly pounded rice cakes are hard to come by – especially in Tokyo unless pre-ordered.

However ‘pounding rice cakes events’ can be found in local communities and is a year end popular community gathering just like in our neighborhood.




The sticky rice is steamed before it is pounded.





Our New Years fresh pounded rice. Grilled over low heat until it starts puffing…like a balloon


We call this ‘Ozoni’ (Rice Cake Soup). The type of Ozoni will differ from county to county; ours being the Kanto type with clear bonito broth, chicken, carrots, mitsuba and slice of yuzu.


At the venue, there was a gallery of ‘Japan in the early 1940 ~1950s’. Photographs of typical Japanese households, kitchen and electrical household goods which were quite an impressive collection.

a typical Japanese house in the early 1950s~1960s
electricity taken from the room lamp


the kitchen in the 1940 ~ 1950s




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