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Rhubarb Bread Roll | ルバーブブレッドロール


This is a sweet bread which is relatively easy to make without the 2nd proof. Normally a bread will require a first and second proof (the yeast rising process) but this bread is sort of like an in-between of a bread and cake which I classify as a ‘sweet bread’.  It doesn’t have to be rhubarb but any jam of your choice will do but perhaps jam will color should enhance your eye and appetite.









Rhubarb Bread Roll (makes 4 Rolls)

For the dough –

  • Whole Wheat Bread Flour (30%) 150g
  • Bread Flour (for french breads) (70%) 350g
  • Salt (1.6%) 8g
  • Organic Sugar (10%) 50g
  • Malt (0.8%) 4g
  • Dry Yeast (0.1%) 0.5g
  • Oligosaccharide (10%) 50g (Can go without)
  • Maron Powder (5%) 25g (Can go without)
  • Kinako Powder (5%) 25g
  • Pumpkin Puree (20%) 100g
  • Milk (30%) 150g
  • Water (26%) 130g
  • Rhubarb Jam (54%) 270g


  1. <PRE-YEAST FERMENATION> Unless you are using a yeast specifically instructed without need for pre-fermentation, mix the dry yeast and let it dilute and ferment in warm water for about 15 minutes before use.
  2. <MIX>
    Mix all the ingredients with a bread kneader to form a dough. (approx. 3~5 minutes)
  3. <PROOF # 1>
    Allow the dough to to ferment at a warm environment/25-26℃, for about 3 hours, and an additional 12 hours at 5℃ (refrigerator).
  4. <SHAPING> Divide the dough into 4 (approx. 240g each)
    Remove the dough from the refrigerator and roll the dough into a 31cm x 20cm rectangle, spreading a thin layer of rhubarb jam leaving 1cm of rims free of jam. Roll the dough (relatively tightly), sealing the dough with you fingers. Sprinkle the top with white flour (or rye fine flour) and cut a coupe along the top surface.
  5. <PROOF # 2> None
  6. <BAKING>
    Bake for 27 minutes at 190C.



Rhubarb Bread Roll (makes 4 Rolls) | ルバーブブレッドロール

For the dough | 生地

  • 全粒粉・(30%)・・・・・・150g
  • フランスパン粉・(70%)・・350g
  • 塩・(6%)・・・・・・・・8g
  • オーガニックシュガー・(10%)・50g
  • モルト液(8%)・・・・・・4g
  • ドライイースト・(1%)・・0.5g
  • N13オリゴ糖・(10%)・・・・50g
  • マロンパウダー・(5%)・・・25g
  • きな粉・(5%)・・・・・・・25g
  • かぼちゃピュレ・(20%)・・100g
  • 牛乳・(30%)・・・・・・・150g
  • 水・(26%)・・・・・・・・130g
  • ルバーブジャム・(54%)・・270g



  2. 【MIX 生地をこねる】
  3. 【PROOF#1 一次発酵】
  4. 【SHAPING 成形】240g分割
    冷蔵発酵させて生地を四角形(31cm x 20cm)にのばし、ルバーブジャムを全体に薄くのばす。のりしろ分を残して、手前からクルクルとしっかりと巻き上げます。最後は指先でつまむように閉じます。ストレーナーで粉をふり、クープを入れる。
  5. 【PROOF#2 二次発酵】なし
  6. 【焼成】



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