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Rhubarb Almond Crumble Cake

Is RHUBARB a fruit or vegetable?

Rhubarb has always been one of my favorite – vegetable? fruit? since having lived long in Ireland during my childhood.

Looking it up in wikepedia; Rhubarb is considered a vegetable, whichever it may be…. it is a great baking ingredient!!

Rhubarb seem to prefer the cooler climates and since the Japanese climate are quite hot and humid in the summer; vegetation of rhubarb seem limited concentrating in higher elevations such as some parts of Nagano (Shinshu-area) and Hokkaido.



A moist almond crumble rhubarb cake.
No sugar added to the rhubarb, blends well with the cake mixture.


I have a tendency of collecting upside down fruit cakes recipes, but since I came across an interesting crumble recipe with roasted almonds in it; I tried the recipe and changed it slightly to my version.



Rhubarb Almond Crumb Cake Recipe

Salt…..1/2 teaspoon
Rhubarb…..1 & 1/2 cups

For the Crumble :
Flour…..2 tablespoons
Almonds…..2 tablespoons
Rolled Oats…..2 tablespoons
Salt…..1/4 teaspoon

Heat the oven to 180°C. I’ve used a 20cm round cake pan, greasing the bottom and sides.
  1. Crumble – combine the dry ingredients in a bowl and gently fold the butter into with your fingers, until it starts to form small lumps. Keep it refrigerated until use.
  2. Combine the eggs, sugar, salt and beat until the mixture turns into a white fluffy texture, slowly adding the melted butter and then the flour, rhubarb last.
  3. Sprinkle the crumble topping evenly and bake for approx. 60 minutes, testing with a toothpick whether texture is fully baked or not.

Rhubarb almond crumble cake recipe


written by Hisako Makimura/Tokyo, Japan

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