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Red Rice, Black Rice | 赤米・黒米

White rice is an obvious to most everyone…but perhaps the ‘red’ nor ‘black’ rice may be of such.
Both the ‘red and black’ rice look similar to the ‘brown rice’ but with the red rice is red (obviously!)  and common to both, produced only in small quantities, mostly for personal (rice farms) or local community consumption. Black rice is slightly more often seen so it must be circulated to consumers on a larger volume. Both these rice added and cooked with white rice makes it a healthy and nutritious rich rice, above all it’s delicious!

Below is a simple ‘onigiri’ (rice ball) which is one of our Japanese basic standard food. Onigiri is traditionally filled with ume (umeboshi)(sour pickled plum), salted salmon, katsuobushi (dried fermented tuna), kombu(pickled seaweed) or tarako (salted fish roe) but pure ‘salted onigiri’ is for pure rice lovers, to actually taste the subtle difference of rice which every brand  has it’s own uniqueness.
The ‘red rice’ used for Thai green seafood curry, one of our dinner menu.

Accompanied with ‘tandoori chicken’ and ‘steamed fresh canola flower greens and green beans’.


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