White Breads|食パン生地

Frying Pan Baked English Muffin

Frying Pan Baked English Muffin |「フライパン」で作るイングリッシュマフィン

English muffins are one of the most handy breads, especially lunch breads to have in the freezer. As you know breads can be stored well frozen and used as needed;...

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Frying Pan Baked Foccacia

Frying Pan Baked Foccacia |「フライパン」で作るフォカッチャ

Salami Layer with sprouts Omelette Layer with sprouts QUICK BAKING SUMMARY   【MIX | ミキシング】 10 minutes 【1st PROOF | 発酵】 60+ minutes @ 28℃~30℃/ (82 ° F to 86...

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Creamy Milk Loaf|生クリームローフ

Creamy Milk Loaf | 生クリームローフ

Some Morning Breads QUICK BAKING SUMMARY   【MIX | ミキシング】 10min 【1st PROOF | 発酵】 60 minutes @ 28C/ 82F 【SHAPING | 分割・成形】 3 (200g/215g/200g) 【BENCH TIME | ベンチタイム】 15...

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Cube Breads|キューブパン