Spring Ginger Tsukudani|新生姜の佃煮
Cauliflower Salad |カリフラワーサラダ
Simmered Bamboo Shoots | 筍の煮物

Simmered Bamboo Shoots | 筍の煮物

Dashi (Broth) | 出汁 Preparing Bamboo Shoots for cooking | 筍の下ごしらえ  

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Stewed butterbur leaves | フキの佃煮
Vegetable Tempura

Wild Vegetable Tempura |山菜の天ぷら

Tempura : Wild spring vegetables which we call, ‘sansai’, together with fresh bamboo are spring delicacies. Tempura is a common way of cooking the wild vegetable to extract ‘aku’ (bitterness and...

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