Pork Belly with Blackbeans

Steamed Thick Pork Belly with blackbeans |台湾風 厚切り豚バラ肉豆豉蒸し 

The cooking method which I am using is “steaming the marinated pork over medium to low heat” produces a soft and tender meat. This thick pork belly steak is often used by...

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Party Hors d’oeuvres

黒豆|Black Beans

【New Years Party Hors d’oeuvres | お正月オードブル】 【白花豆|White Flower Beans 】 白花豆|White Flower Beans ・・300g 白砂糖|White Sugar ・・250g 塩|Salt ・・小匙1/3 Soak the washed beans overnight in water. The beans should...

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Hammus | ひよこ豆のパテ
Ceviche Tofu Salad