Cakes + Pies|ケーキ・パイ

Stollen | シュトーレン

Christmas Stollen | シュトーレン

Makes 6 Stollens 【Fruits】 【 フルーツ】 Dry Fruits :Raisins, Sultanas, Currants, Cranberry, Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Dry Fig, etc. Nuts : Walnuts, Almonds (Whole)) Dry Fruits (65%)…500g Walnuts (20%)…150g Almonds (15%)…110g...

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Financier |フィナンシェ
Apple Compote Cake

Lemon Brandy flavored Apple Compote Cake | 林檎コンポートのレモンブランデーケーキ

The terrain and climate of Japan is quite suitable for growing apples and the variety quite diverse in which made me wonder? how many variety of apples exist in Japan?,...

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Cheerful Fruit Tarte | めでたいフルーツタルト

Pie base  :  【A】Pâte sucrée | パート・シュクレ +【B1】Almond Cream (アーモンドクリーム)+【B2】Creme-patissiere (Custard Cream)|クレーム・バティシェール(カスタードクリーム) The tart is build from  a pastry (outer crust) dough baked together with almond cream. The fruit mountain...

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