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Yellowtail Teriyaki|ぶりの照り焼き • RECIPE MESSE
Yellowtail Teriyaki|ぶりの照り焼き

Yellowtail Teriyaki|ぶりの照り焼き

Teriyaki is likely one of the most favorite Japanese foods which have trailed off to the western world and gained a substantial popularity. The subtle sweetness in the sauce and a nice glossy brown shine is in fact a simple combination of just soy sauce, mirin (rice wine with higher sugar content) and sake. The mirin actually produces and enhances the sweetness in the taste. Teriyaki can be applied to many ingredients but amongst the fish, the yellowtail (buri) , salmon, tuna and mackerel are probably most popular. Terikyaki is not doubt a very simple cooking process.

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