Spice Chicken Curry | スパイスチキンカレー

Spice Chicken Curry | スパイスチキンカレー

Spice Chicken Curry | スパイスチキンカレー
Chicken with bones
Frying the onions|玉ねぎの炒め経緯
Adding the garlic and ginger|ニンニクと生姜を投入
Adding the cut tomatoes|カットトマトを投入
Thickening the paste|油があがるまで炒めます
Adding the spices|スパイスを投入
Thickening the paste|油が上がるまで炒めます
Frying the chicken|チキンに焦げ目をつけます
Thickening the paste|ペースト状になるまで煮ます
Finally adding the chicken|最後のチキンをいれます

CURRY is one among many foods favored by the majority of Japanese. The JAPANESE CURRY has it’s own identity, it’s uniqueness, unlike the Indian nor the Thai curries. The common household Japanese CURRY uses the CURRY ROUX which is widely used and conveniently makes CURRY in a hurry, however the downside is that the roux itself is quite high in calories.

Consequently I prefer to make my own curry, blended with few spices. I personally keep this recipe book as my spice bible. The process and ingredients are quite simple and attainable, above all produces great results. The recipe which I am introducing is by Mizuno Jinsuke, operating a spice site called “airspice” .


「スパイスカレー事典」by 水野 仁輔


水野 仁輔氏はairspiceというサイトも運営しているようなので立ち寄るのも楽しいサイトです。他の本やスパイスの購入もできるみたいです。

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