Soup Dumpling (Xiaolongbao) | 小龍包

Soup Dumpling (Xiaolongbao) | 小龍包


Soup Dumpling (Xiaolongbao) | 小龍包

Nansho-Mantaouten in Shanghai, well known for their  Soup Dumpling (Xiaolongbao). 

This recipe (the dough) was provided by the restaurant via my Shanghai translator during my numerous business trips to mainland China.  The dough is relatively manageable which I have kept it as my recipe when making this ‘soup dumpling’. 

Soup Dumpling (Xiaolongbao) | 小龍包

Wrapping Soup Dumpling (Xiaolangbao)

  1. The size and the wrapping of the xiaolongbao takes few practices before it start coming into shape (until your aesthetic satisfaction). Here are some youtube reference which often helps watching when you feel the wrapping process feels to come to a stalemate – non-satisfaction personal level.

2. Equally divide the dough to about 7cm diameter round shape. Wrap the filling within the dough, pulling the outside skin keeping focal point and folding it to a flower shape.

3. Lay the xiaolongbao in a stainless steel tray and place it in the freezer as you work along. Continue to work, continue to freeze until all xiaolongbao has been frozen to store it in a zip-lock freezer bag.

4. Steaming : Do not defrost the xiaolongbao. Using a steamer lined with oven paper (or leaf of cabbage or lettuce) place the xiaolongbao on top and steam for 15 minutes under high heat. 

5. Serve with soy sauce and black vinegar sauce.

  1. 2等分した生地をさらに10等分する。7cmの円に麵棒でのばす。外側を引っ張るような感じで包み込む。
  2. ステンレストレイに薄力粉を少し敷き、成型した小龍包をおいて、できたらすぐ冷凍庫にいれる。
  3. その作業を繰り返し、すべて冷凍庫に入れ、固まったらジップロックに入れて保存する。
  4. 湯気の上がった強火の蒸し器にオーブンペーパーを敷き、凍ったままの小龍包みを入れる。約15分ふたをあけないで強火でむす。
  5. お醤油と黒酢のタレが合います。

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