Onigiri (Rice Balls) おにぎり

Onigiri (Rice Ball) |おにぎり

Onigiri (Rice Balls)
Onigiri (Rice Balls) おにぎり

I am sure you’ve come across, ONIGIRI (Rice Ball) if you are a fan of Japanese food. ONIGIRI is a common food – a light meal or snack substitute, just like a hamburger or sandwich.

There is actually no said or set way of making ONIGIRI, every household has their own favor and filling.

Convenient store in Japan has a array and a variety of fresh daily ONIGIRIs but handmade is no comparison to a machine (factory) made ONIGIRI.

This above is an ONIGIRI with chopped plum pickles, leaks and sesame mixed into the rice and moulded into a round ONIGIRI, lightly salted before wrapped with dried seaweed (NORI) or shiso leaves.

The below is am ONIGIRI wrapped with shaved sea kelp – Konbu ‘tororo konbu’.

Onigiri (Rice Balls) おにぎり
Onigiri (Rice Balls) おにぎり

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