Khao Soi | カオソーイ

Khao Soi | カオソーイ

Takana pickled vegetable:
Takana pickles are salty and must be salted out. Rinse lightly with fresh wash two to three times, taste it, leaving it with a little salt left.

Yellow curry paste:
Paste based on red pepper, garlic, ginger, herbs such as lemongrass, spices such as turmeric, etc., Thai curry can be easily made. Yelllow curry is a mild spicy curry than green or red curry.

Tamarind paste:
Evergreen tall trees native to tropical Africa · Tamarindo. It is Tamarind Paste made from a black brown soft paste like pulp between the actual pod and seed. There is sour taste, often used for curry and stewed dishes as seasoning.

Egg noodles:
Wheat flour, eggs, and salt as the main ingredients, it is characterized by strong stiffness and will not spread out. It is eaten as ramen noodles and it can also come dried or raw. We recommend narrow/thin egg noodles here.

Coconut milk:
Made from coconut solid endosperm, with a sweet flavor, it is widely used for dishes and desserts. It is indispensable for Thai curry curry. Rich paste-shaped items will separate and float on the top, this is called coconut cream.

Palm Sugar:
Made from sugar palm, brown sugar rich in minerals as it is not refined, simple and mellow taste with caramelish flavor. It is indispensable for Thai cuisine where you want to accentuate bitterness, acidity and sweetness. You can substitute with syrup if it may not be available to you.

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