Wild Vegetables |Shitake & Bamboo 筍

Japanese Wild Vegetables’ (Sansai) | 山菜

Bamboo | 筍

Bamboo shoots, the most common wild vegetable declaring the arrival of Spring.  They start sprouting from mid-March ~ early May.

Wild Vegetables |Bamboo 筍
Wild Vegetables |Shitake & Bamboo 椎茸 筍

Ostrich Fern | こごみ

Fairly common seen sold in supermarkets often used for tempura or boiled.  Its shape is quite unique as most likely got its English name of Ostrich Fern. 

Shamrock like 'Okogi' | おこぎ

Okogi is not quite common but is seen sold in rural areas and its local markets. 

Braken or Fern (Warabi) |わらび

Warabi is a common wild vegetable seen in mountainous areas, mid-April ~ end-May.

It has a strong ‘aku’ (harsh bitter taste) requires to be removed by soaking it in hot boiling water and ashes before cooking.


Wild Vegetables
Wild Vegetables

山ウド | 葉タマネギ

Wild Vegetables
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