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Japanese Pepper SANSHO - Magical Condiment | 山椒 • RECIPE MESSE
Japanese Pepper|SANSHO

Japanese Pepper SANSHO – Magical Condiment | 山椒

‘SANSHO’ is a Japanese condiment known as Japanese pepper.


It has an unique scent and flavor, stingy to the tongue. The ‘stinginess’ is a substance contained in the Sancho stimulating the tactile nerves of the tongue,  as a continuous flow of electricity through the tongue. The tactile nerves of the tongue, serves to connects to the cortical taste area to determine the taste.

And for this reason, while the the tongue is numb by Sansho, the nerves do not percieve the other taste such as rich, sweet or salty; the one and only taste concentrates the FOOD TO TASTE EXTREMELY BETTER!!

Japanese Pepper|SANSHO
Japanese Pepper|SANSHO
Japanese Pepper|SANSHO
Sansho is a typical company to the UNAGI (Eel) Bowl.

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