Chinese Bao | 中華万頭

Chinese Bao | 中華万頭

Chinese Bao | 中華万頭
Chinese Bao | 中華万頭
Chinese Bao | 中華万頭

The Chinese call it the ‘baos’, the Japanese call it the ‘niku (meat)-man(bun)’ which you find at any China town or Chinese restaurants. If you walk the China Town (Yokohama) of Japan, Chinese Pork Buns steaming in front of shops seem to attract not only tourist…but a lot of hungry people!!!!

It is not a difficult recipe to make at home. The filling can be changed to each household’s taste and favorites;  meatless, vegetarian or seafood; the tip is to make the filling as if it a dish on it’s own but slightly salty so it blends well with the dough when married.

You can also freeze the buns for later it 8 is too many to eat all at once!!!




  • 干し帆立入り
  • 干し椎茸とウズラのゆで卵
  • 豚の角煮



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