British Loaf |イギリスパン

British Loaf |イギリスパン

No one knows why we call this loaf….’British Loaf’ – Igirisu Pan, in Japanese. The other naming for this bread is ‘Mountain Shape Loaf’ – Yamagata Pan….the loaf is nothing extraordinary, it’s just a plain sandwich loaf but nothing is more difficult than making a simple bread.

I like to make this bread with a combination of  dry yeast and natural yeast (Hoshino) which makes the loaf texture more moist and retains the moisture for couple of days for breakfast. I personally think – dry yeast tends to make the bread dry especially when the proof is fast and short. There is no wrong to the given textbook instructions of “let if proof for about 1~2 hours”, yet I prefer to let my breads expand “overnight, slow and easy” which has become my procedure in making any bread doughs of any type.





British Loaf |イギリスパン
British Loaf |イギリスパン
British Loaf |イギリスパン
Shaping the Dough | 成形
British Loaf |イギリスパン
Fruit Loaf | フルーツローフ




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