Chocolate Twist |チョコレートツイスト

Brioche Bread |ブリオッシュ生地 – Chocolate Twist |チョコレートツイスト–

Chocolate Twist |チョコレートツイスト
Chocolate Twist |チョコレートツイスト
Chocolate Twist |チョコレートツイスト
Chocolate Twist |チョコレートツイスト

Brioche, it’s an egg bread integrated with chocolate and almond cream.

Off hand, it may look difficult to make but it get easier once you get the hang of making breads,  preparing the ingredients in an orderly manner.

Since breads can be stored frozen, I personally like to have sweet breads in the freezer for busy mornings or when I feel a bit tired – to boost my sugar levels. This bread is one of the breads I like to keep in stock.






It’s a very rewarding bread!

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