Aubergine with shrimp sauce | 秋茄子の海老そぼろの合わせ煮

Aubergine with shrimp sauce | 茄子の海老そぼろの合わせ煮

There is a funny Japanese proverb, “Don’t let your daughter-in-law eat autumn eggplants (aubergine)”.

This proverb has various interpretations such as one being a mother-in-law’s sarcastic view of not wanting to share such a delicious autumn eggplant with her daughter-in-law OR the other being a mother-in-law’s caring thought of seedless eggplant produces (no seed) no birth (no child).

Anyway….autumn eggplants are nevertheless delicious and this simple dish with a combination of ‘good soup stock (dashi)‘ and ‘good eggplant’ makes a simple Japanese side dish.

Saute the shrimp
Saute with aubergine
Add condiments
Done! !

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