Anago & Unagi Sushi

Anago & Unagi Sushi | 穴子と鰻 ちらし鮨

【酢飯の作り方】【Sushi Rice – Sumeshi】

2cups of Rice2カップの場合 米


<A> 50ml or 5 tbs Rice Vinegar|米酢

<A> 1 + 1/3 tbs Sugar |米酢

<A> 5g or 1 tsp Salt|塩

3cups of Rice3カップの場合 米


<A> 75ml or 5 tbs Rice Vinegar|米酢

<A> 2 tbs Sugar |米酢

<A> 7.5g or 1+ 1/3 tsp Salt|塩

  1. Cook the rice in a rice cooker. |お米は通常モードで炊きます。
  2. Once the rice is cooked, remove all the ‘hot’ rice into a large bowl or a sushi one (wooden bowl for sushi rice) and pour the combined <A> ingredients on too.
  3. Using a rice spatula, mix the <A> ingredients will into the rice, using a sort of slicing movement (rather than mix-mashing). Avoid having the rice cluster into small balls (like a small onigiri, rather saturating the <A> ingredients into each rice particle – at least that’s the feel of the treatment of rice.
  4. In order to cool down the rice, fanning it while mixing is a helpful method if you have an extra helping hand. Once the rice has cooled down to body temperature, keep the rice covered with a wet towel to avoid hydration.


【Stewed shitake in soy sauce (mixed within the rice)|ご飯にまぜる、椎茸のうす醤油煮】

3 Dried Shitake Mushrooms|干し椎茸

Soy Sauce|醤油 2 Tbs (大匙)

  Mirin|みりん 2 Tbs (大匙)

Sugar|砂糖 2 Tbs (大匙)

  1. Soak the dried shitake mushrooms in water for about half a day before use. The dried mushrooms will expand when contains water. Remove the stem before use.|干し椎茸は半日ほど前に水に浸し、戻しておきます。椎茸が柔らかくなったら軸をハサミで切り落とします。
  2. Place the dried shiitake mushrooms in a hot pan with water used for soaking, together with the ingredients. |鍋に戻し汁と椎茸、<A>の調味料を加え、中火で煮ていきます。
  3. Cover with an aluminium foil or greasing paper and cook for about 15 minutes, ensuring to remove the gradual emerging froth.|落し蓋(フォイルかオーブンペーパーに穴をあけ)をして15分ほど煮ていきます。干し椎茸は事前に作り、冷蔵庫で保管することも可能です。
  4. Let it cool and the stewed shitake can be pre-made stored in the refrigerator for a few days.

【Stewed small pieces of anago (mixed within the rice)|ご飯にまぜる、あなごのうす醤油煮】

2 Anago Fillet|穴子のひらき

Dashi (Broth)|出汁 100ml (1/2 cup)

<A> Sake|酒 2 Tbs (大匙)

<A> Soy Sauce|醤油 1 Tbs (大匙)

<A>  Mirin|みりん 1.5 Tbs (大匙)

<A> Sugar|砂糖 1/2 Tbs (大匙)

Cooking procedure is similar to to ‘stewing dried shitake’.

Purchase a Anago fillet, scrape the dark skin to avoid curing of the meat during the process of cooking and any unnecessary small bones along the sides.  Cook for about 5 minutes. |穴子の炊き方は椎茸を参考にしていただき、つけ汁の代わりに出汁を使用します。穴子の皮の黒い部分は加熱した時に身が丸まる要因になるので包丁で削ぎ落とし、エラの骨なども取り除く。煮汁に調味料をいれて約5分、落し蓋をしてアクを取りながら煮ていきます。

【Kinshi tamago (thin egg crepe)|錦糸卵】

Eggs 2 |卵 2個

<A> Sugar |砂糖(小匙)2 Tsp

<A> Sake|酒 ((小匙)2 Tsp

<A> Salt|塩  (小匙)1/6  Tsp

Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, cut the egg white and blend it well into the total batter using a chop stick. DO NOT BEAT THE EGGS. |材料をボウルに入れ、箸を使って卵白を切るように全体が混ぜ合わさるようにしていきます。

Heat the frypan well over low heat, adding a thin layer of vegetable oil. Using a ladle, pour the batter similar to making a thin (egg) crepe, letting the batter set over the frypan at an even thickness. Once the egg crepe has set over the frypan, initiating to solidify, press the frypan over a wet towel and cover the frypan with a lid for about 1 minute. This will contain the heat to cook the egg crepe.  Once you are able to touch the egg crepe (without sticking) remove it with your hand.  Repeat this process few times before making a shredded egg crepe (to use for top decoration).



【Raw Ingredients|生具材】

Unagi (eel) |うなぎ 

Hotate (scallops) |ほたて

Kohada (gizard shad)| こはだ

Aoyagi (red clam) |あおやぎ

【Ingredients to boil|軽く茹でる具材】

Bamboo shoots |筍

Carrots |人参

Snow peas |きぬさや

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