Almond Danish Loaf | アーモンド デニッシュ ローフ

Almond Danish Loaf | アーモンド デニッシュ ローフ

 ‘Danish’ has always been one of my favorite breads, I’ve really not have not come up with a great recipe which works for all.  What works for me is that it is – relatively easy to make, flaky but still retains the bread-like softness, not over-crispy, hidden presence of butter yet with a good buttery flavor.

But this is – I think! – this a great recipe which seem to work as my basis of my Danish pastries.

An ‘Almond Cream Danish Loaf’ with a little bit of roasted walnuts intertwined into the loaf. I would think that the sweetness is too subtle to a lot of the ‘western’ readers, but we – majority of Japanese tend to prefer the subtle taste which includes the dolce-sweetness as well.

I will be coming up with various Danish Pastries (in due course) which I hope will extend as using this as not only as a sweet bread but for appetizers and party hor dourves.

これだぁ!!!という『デニッシュ ペストリー』の生地のレシピになかなか出会えず、著名なベーカリーシェフ達のレシピを使ったり、いろいろ長年すぎました。









Almond Danish Loaf | アーモンド デニッシュ ローフ

BUTTER SHEET 20cm x 20cm

Make a 20cm x 20cm butter sheet for folding into the dough.



Almond Danish Loaf | アーモンド デニッシュ ローフ

<BUTTER FOLDING #1> Roll out the dough to a 30cm x 30cm square shape placing the butter sheet in the middle. 

Almond Danish Loaf | アーモンド デニッシュ ローフ Butter Sheet

<BUTTER FOLDING #2 & #3> Rotating the rectangular dough 90 degrees, repeat the process

Almond Danish Loaf | アーモンド デニッシュ ローフ

<SHAPING> Roll the dough into a 15 x 20 cm rectangular shape. Spread the almond cream leaving about an inch of both ends without the cream.

Almond Danish Loaf | アーモンド デニッシュ ローフ

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