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Quest for Apricots | 杏の里を訪ねて、、 Part 1

Although we’ve been encountering continuous rain during this ‘monsoon’ season, there are few days of hiatus here and there where when we decided to take a trip known to be the ‘Home of the Apricots’ in Nagano-prefecture (I will place a link but unfortunately none of the web pages have English sites).

This year, we’ve decided to take a trip to the agricultural home of apricots, some 3 hours drive from Tokyo to ‘Chikuma River and Chikuma City District’.





Apricots have an extremely short season in Japan but having it to be my favorite jams amongst all of the jams I make throughout the year.



Encountered an apricot called the HARCOT which is Canadian born apricot  – an oblong, yellow-orange apricot with rich, sweet flavor; not suitable for jams but to eat as a fruit.



‘SHOWA’ apricot, a Japanese bred apricot suitable for jam making.



Traveling though Nagano-prefecture….

you will find fresh Soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles) cuisines, an extremely healthy food which I love; where we stopped over at a place called –

Soba Cuisine KAYA (Sakai Wine Cellar)

for lunch.

Address : 1855-1, Tokura, Chima-Shi, Nagano-Prefecture
住所: 〒389-0804 長野県千曲市戸倉1855−1
Tel: 026-276-7205


Soba made from 100% buckwheat flour, referred to as Juwari soba or Towari soba.


to be continued….. (続く)

trip made on June 29th (6月29日の旅記録)

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