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Protective Masks make your own | 立体マスク作り

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) mushrooms to the entire world, it has unfortunately become the center focus in everyone’s daily lives. Protecting yourself 1st from the infection will consequently protect your loved one, your family, your friends, your colleagues and many people around you. Stay vigilant, careful and wash your hands.

The majority of Japanese suffer from ‘cedar pollen hay fever’ this time of the year. ‘Protective mask’ has always been an indispensable item but with this loom of the coronavirus (COVID-19) the shortage has just become impossible, masks are now a rare item at drug stores shelves despite strong government efforts to boost supplies. I suspect no luck for weeks.

So, I took out my sewing machine, decided to make my own which I would like to share if anyone may be in desperation over the course of this battle agains COVID-19.

Mask making may seem difficult at first but it’s simple to make. In fact it only takes less than half an hour to make one. Alleviate the stress for frantically searching for a masks and consequently is an earth friendly act! Share this post with friends and stay ‘COVID-19 free’.







PS : Is anyone is wondering….I thought I saw pattern download link and photo instructions of how to make a mask?

Stay tuned for a copyright free ‘DIY mask pattern’ which I intend to upload within few days. I had to take down the earlier ‘above’ pattern and it’s making of due to the original owner not granting permission to provide the ‘mask pattern’ which I personally could not understand why? It was a ‘free downloadable pattern‘ and I am not trying to make a business out of selling these DIY masks.

At a time like this, I think the entire world should not only pursue their own egos and benefits. There is much more at stake at the moment, taking away lives of many who may be suffering from unknown critical conditions and my thought was only to provide anything if it may help in any way.

So stay tuned…to be continued.

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