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Plum & Kiwi Galette

The summer heat is gradually starting to taper off or maybe, I hope not just in hiatus, slowly seeing the signs of autumn.

Surprisingly enough, my body reacts so much to seasons and temperature that I have even forgotten my love to PIES and PASTRIES blown away by the heat which this article has inspired me to make my own version of A SUMMER FRUIT GALETTE, using PLUMs and KIWIs.

How to Make a Summer Fruit Galette (And Why You Should)




Please be careful with most all of my recipes……the proportion of sugar is very low and I like to extract the natural sweetness out of the ingredients rather than relying on making it sweet with abundant use of sugar. I also do not use any white granulated sugar, unless absolutely needed so although my recipe indicates sugar, you can replace most all into brown sugar for health purposes. This fruit galette also has only 1 tablespoon of brown sugar hence my advise is to use VERY VERY RIPE FRUIT or keep it in room temperature for couple of days to RIPEN the FRUIT before use.




I like to make my pastries a night beforehand and set in the fridge overnight before use. It is so much easier when rolling out the pastry….slightly cool !!!!




Here we go…into the OVEN.




The dash of lemon and the plum, the kiwi has given a refreshing sour flavor. The natural taste of the fruit is well preserved, feels very organic!!!!




Plum and Kiwi Galette recipe pdf


written by Hisako Makimura/Tokyo, Japan




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